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  I love hearing about birth! Share your wonderful, difficult, amazing birth stories with me!

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  1. On the morning of September 21st, around 7:00AM, I woke up to a few small and irregular contractions. They were getting stronger and were a little too bothersome for me to get back to sleep and I was also too excited and anxious to relax, so I took some benadryl, recommended by my doctors for sleep problems. I called the advice nurse who also recommended the benedryl, and finally went back to sleep. I thought, “If this is the day I’m going to give birth I want to be really well rested!”. I think I woke up again around 10:00AM, maybe later, I don’t remember now.

    My contractions were irregular throughout the day, coming for a short time and then stopping again. Luckily I had an appointment that same day at 4:20PM, so Vlad and I went to that. My doctor, Mary Kennedy, examined me and the mucus plug actually came out on her glove during the examination! She told us we could be having the baby any time now, but most likely later that night. I weighed 177lbs, I was in week 39 of pregnancy, and my previous due date was September 27Th.

    After the appointment, Vlad was so nervous that he started driving the wrong way, toward the hospital in Walnut Creek instead of back home! We saw an Apple Bee’s and decided to stop and eat. My contractions were stronger and more regular at this point. I was cracking up because at the restaurant service wasn’t that great and the table was super sticky! It was funny because Vlad hates HATES! those kind of places and is picky about service and food, and here we were in labor and everything there was just bad, except for the food which he actually liked. I took the rest of my food to go. I knew I needed to drink more water, I don’t know why I didn’t, but it effected my labor later on.

    I sat on the living room floor, dealing with growing contractions, eating, stretching, and watching dancing with the stars.By around 10 or 11PM the contractions were getting really painful, so I got in a hot bath which helped a little. By midnight it was time to go to the hospital, so we called Karen, our doula who was going to help us during the birth. She met us at our house, and from there was following us to Kaiser. Poor Vlad, he was so nervous still, he took the wrong road that was supposed to be a short cut, that ended up being a dead end road into the forest! Poor Karen who had to follow us, and poor ME because that ride was so bumpy and uncomfortable!

    When we Finlay got to Kaiser, I couldn’t take it, they had to check me in and make sure I was in active labor, and waiting was horrific! My family was there when we arrived, my mom, sisters and dad. I also wanted to kill Vlad, he just wasn’t helping me the way I wanted at that point! When they finally got me my room, the contractions were getting unbearable. Really, I had never felt pain like that in my life, but I would rather go through labor again then do something like slam my pinky finger in the closed window, as I had done earlier that year! I was getting frantic and panicky because at that point I didn’t have anything to direct me or to focus on. Luckily I had an amazing nurse named Heather who started helping me get through the contractions, and Vlad started imitating the way she was helping me, so after that he and I were in our own world.

    My contractions were one on top of another because I was dehydrated, so Kristalle and my mom were giving me sips of water and ice. I had no time to rest in between, which was what I was praying for, just a little time to relax in between please! I finally asked for some kind of pain relief and Heather told me, “You can do this, you are in transition, you are almost there. this is what you read about, remember? you can get through it, just breathe!”. So Vlad continued talking my through the contractions. I would hold his hands and look directly in his eyes, in so much pain I was hyperventilating and I could feel half of my face going numb because of the way I was breathing. He would hold me and speak slow and softly, telling me, “This is the worst of this contraction, now it’s going away…” and things like that.

    Then the nurse had me use the squatting bar on the bed, and told me to make deep grunts or groans, Kristalle was helping me on my right side. Then Finally we could see and feel Elena’s head and that was a moment I won’t forget either, because Sonia, the midwife asked me if I wanted to touch the crowning of the head and I said no at first because I thought it would scare me, but then I did and I could feel Elena’s sweet head and that she had hair! Then it was time to push, and I only pushed a few times before I felt Elena’s body being pulled out of my body, and that felt crazy! She was born on September 22nd at 4:58 or 4:59 in the morning!

    When I saw her, I was filled with love and wonder, and I thought she looked just like Vlad! we couldn’t hold her right away because of the meconium in the amniotic fluid. Vlad started freaking out a little because it was scary hearing her cry and hearing them suction fluid or whatever out of her lungs, but I had read about this happening in the baby books, so I was trying to tell him it was only to keep her from getting an infection in her lungs. After they checked her lungs for meconium and brought her to us, she snapped her head toward Vlad when she heard his voice, she recognized us! She started nursing right away, hugging my breast. She was so so sweet, just a miracle. Giving birth to her was one of the most meaningful moments of my life. I have not done anything greater, besides taking care of her. She is such a little blessing, and Vlad and I were just speechless after she arrived, and so in love with each other and our new miracle.

    To be continued…

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