Vera is Nine Months Old Today!

My sweet baby chubba wubba is 9 months old today! I have not updated about her in a while so I am using this post to talk about her sweet little self and her milestones.

Vera has two little teeth on her bottom gums which appeared at five months. So far there have been only a few signs that she might start teething again to get some more teeth, but we are in no hurry!

She started solid foods right before she turned six months old and she loooves food! She is interested in everything that everyone else is eating! She puts everything in her mouth and is obsessed with paper, unlike Elena who was obsessed with finding the tags on everything.

She loves music! She started “dancing” at six months by rocking back and forth whenever she hears music, so ADORABLE! She also has always sung herself to sleep and will start singing to music or when she hears someone sing!

She was crawling at 5 or six months!

She took her first steps at 7 months and was walking while holding my hand at that point. Her first steps were on December 8 right before she turned 8 months in a movie theater! We saw Frozen, but Vera was impatient with sitting, so she and I went to the back of the theater and she tok a few steps right in front of me! She seriously walks like a pro, even better than I remember Elena walking! She has incredible balance for such a young baby, she never ever falls unless she trips on a random carpet or object!.

She started calling me mama at six months! She calls for me a lot when she wants me or is looking for me! xoxoxo!

At 8 months she started doing little things like trying to brush her hair, motioning with her hands when she wants you to follow her, and bringing toys and objects to us and holding them up so she can show us what she has! She knows what we mean when we ask her to show us what she has. If I ask her to show me, or show daddy or grandma, she walks over to that person and holds up whatever object she has! SO cute!

to be continued…



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