Vera’s Ecstatic Almost Water Birth Story


Hubby holding my hand while in the birthing pool

I feel so blessed and incredibly empowered by the amazing, loving, spiritual, and peaceful birth of my beautiful baby Vera. Birth doesn’t have to be scary, it can be the most incredible and ecstatic experience a woman can ever have, I am living proof!

Getting Labor Started

The week that Vera was born I had turned 39 weeks pregnant, which was messing with my head a lot at first because Elena was born in my 39th week of pregnancy. So I started trying some mild natural ways to move things along. On Sunday my doula came for a visit and I was feeling anxious and so excited for the birth because after talking about it with her, we decided to say “screw you!”, to my current scheduled place of birth so we could have our baby at the hospital with one of the lowest c-section rates in the state, and so I could labor in the water.

On Monday I had a prenatal massage, which actually wasn’t that great during, but I felt great after it was over! I tried to have a good cry for a release of emotions and stress hormones by watching a sad movie, so I put on The Pianist. I didn’t end up crying, just tearing up a little. But I had a good cry later that week, getting emotional about Elena and how I wanted so much to be the best mommy I could for her.

On Tuesday I took Elena to play at my mom’s house and she made us dinner and I got to sit and the backyard with my parents and Elena and just chill.

On Wednesday my dad came with Elena and I to Fairy Tale Town which was on my list of things to do before baby came. Later that day we met my mom and youngest sister for pizza downtown, it was such a fun time!

On Thursday I had my doctor’s appointment with my favorite OB that I had met so far. We found that I was now 3cm dilated after only being about a finger tip dilated two weeks before! Still 80% effaced and everything else looked great. She brought up having an induction if Vera didn’t come soon, and I said I would only be open to it if I passed the 41 week mark. Isn’t it strange that they just can’t expect a baby to come on its own the natural way? I started taking evening primrose that day and had some braxton hicks contractions later that evening. A false alarm! I was sad that the contractions stopped. That’s when I got emotional and had a good cry on my husband’s shoulder.

Our Birth Story

On Friday April 12th I took a beautiful evening walk around our apartment complex with Elena. She loves flowers and loves to pick them, so we walked around doing that and chasing ducks, and everything was calm and peaceful and warm. I got Elena to bed early that night so that my husband and I could have some alone time, which I must say was awesome! Later that night I was lying in bed trying to sleep when I started feeling contractions low in my uterus. I think they started around midnight, so I decided to continue lying down and focus on them so that they wouldn’t stop. They were fairly strong and already lasting a minute, and were about five minutes apart! It was around 1:00am when I got up to tell my husband who was on the computer in the living room. I relaxed on the couch while he timed my contractions, still lasting over a minute with five minutes in between, and they were strong. They slowed a little when I stopped focusing on them to call my mom and my doula, and to text everyone else who needed to know I was in labor. My husband was hurrying around getting things ready to go and cleaning up our kitchen while I sat on the birth ball laboring and talking to my mom who came over to stay with Elena.

My doula arrived soon after my mom and reminded me that my contractions were so strong and consistent already since I had been 3cm dilated and bypassed all the early labor contractions that I had with my first labor. We decided to leave a little earlier for the hospital in case Elena woke up because I didn’t want to have to leave her while she was upset and tired. We were on our way to the hospital around 3:30am. Contractions were strong, but I wouldn’t call any of my labor process painful. as long as I breathed through them and focused, I was handling them fine.

We got to the birth center and they monitored the baby and I for twenty minutes on a hospital bed. In between contractions My husband, my doula and I were talking and laughing. I said I had the song Afternoon Delight stuck in my head during one of our conversations and they laughed, and my doula said that now she had it stuck in her head! Ha ha! My husband was right there for every contraction, I couldn’t get through one without holding on to him at that point. My doula was there to talk me through the tougher contractions and it felt great when she rubbed my back in between. I got sick and threw up once, a sign that transition was either here or approaching quickly, and my doula said that she loved it when moms got sick because it helped dilation. Our wonderful nurse Juliette checked me and I was at 6cm dilated, and informed us that unfortunately I could not deliver Vera in the water because I was missing a blood test for some type of hepatitis that they did not do for me at the previous hospital, but I could still labor in there. So she got the birthing pool ready and left the room again. It almost over flowed, luckily my doula noticed and turned it off! They bailed off some water and helped me climb inside. And when I got in…euphoria! it was instant wonderful, tantalizing, heavenly relief! My doula said it was better than the epidural, and I can imagine that she is right! Wow, it felt amazing!

I leaned over the tub on my knees, holding on to Vlad who was on the other side, not in the water. My doula was to my right side and she had lit all of the candles surrounding me in the tub. Vlad asked me to turn and look behind me, but I didn’t want to move. I didn’t want to break the labor spell so to speak, to lose my focus and thus lose my control over the waves of contractions. I had to stay on top, focus on my breathing. I was shocked to find that I had minutes of rest in between contractions after being dehydrated in my first labor had sent them one on top of another. I wasn’t in the water long before I could feel that I was in transition. I could feel my body opening up and my baby descending with each incredible wave. The feeling was indescribable and powerful. It wasn’t painful, it was transcendent. Juliette checked the baby’s heartbeat with a doppler in the water. Then I started to feel the need to push, and those contractions were admittedly a little scary, thank goodness for my husband and doula to keep me focused and grounded, for keeping my pushing noises and moans low and effective. I felt my water break, felt the little pop and the water rushing out around me.While I was still in the water I reached down a couple of times to feel for the baby’s head. If I wasn’t afraid of what my body was doing I think I would have pushed her head out right there in the water! But I was holding back a little, and Juliette came in and wanted to check my progress. I could not speak or explain to anyone that her head was right there! I was hoping they would understand by what I was doing (reaching to check for her head) and by the sounds I was making.

They helped me out of the water, and I had a contraction right there in front of the tub, and suddenly her head was crowning and I was paralyzed, I could not move my legs! The only thing I could say was, “I can’t move, I can’t move!”. They wanted me to squat down, but I couldn’t get myself to move, I couldn’t say she was coming even though I knew, I couldn’t speak. Then suddenly I birthed her head with the next contraction and I heard Juliette yell for the OB who came in the room fast. I heard the OB say that she didn’t think I was in a very good position to push, and well, I knew I wasn’t and couldn’t go anywhere else! As soon as I heard my doula say that her head was out and all I needed to do was let her come, I let go of the fear that was gripping my body and just let it do its thing. I moved my left leg open and to the side and delivered my baby with the next contraction! She was put into my arms, and I walked over to the bed to lie down with my baby on my chest, her cord still attached.

!I felt like I was in a dream, I told everyone that I was afraid I was going to wake up pregnant because every thing felt so surreal. It was unbelievable! We got to the hospital sometime before 4am and Vera was delivered at exactly 6:30am, weighed 7lbs 8 ounces and was a little over 19 inches long. It was such an incredible experience, more beautiful than I thought my birth experience could possibly be, but definitely the birth that I had prepared for, hoped for, and prayed for.

Vera is the sweetest and calmest little baby, and we are all so in love with her. I am so happy I could give her such a beautiful entrance into life in this world. A welcoming that was so gentle, peaceful and loving. The whole experience and my two girls are truly a miracle and a gift from God, and I will be grateful every day of my life for these blessings.


The birthing pool surrounded by candles


Minutes after Vera’s birth


Later that day in the postpartum recovery room


Sweet baby Vera


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  1. Note: Elena went to sleep in her own bed that night but woke up and got in bed with me a few hours later. When I woke up with contractions, I was holding her close tome, it was so nice. When my mom had her and she woke up that morning she asked my mom where baby Vera was even though nobody told her I was having a baby that morning!

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