Belly shots at 37 weeks!



37 weeks pregnant and the countdown is really on! My bellybutton is popped out a lot and the spot where my belly piercing was looks like a little slit that is about an inch above my bellybutton now. I have a small stretch-mark that runs up along that area and I wonder if it’s there because I took my piercing out too late in my last pregnancy or if I would have gotten a stretch-mark there regardless. Either way I am not too concerned, I don’t have any new stretch-marks, but I did get some bad varicose veins in my right leg again! They went away after my last pregnancy, so hopefully they will disappear again after this pregnancy!.

At my doctor’s visit I was “a fingertip dilated and 80% effaced”, not that this information tells me much about when I will give birth seeing as a woman could have a closed cervix in the morning and have her baby later that night! Or a mom could be dilated to four centimeters for three weeks or longer without any other signs of birth! So I am not concerned with this info, nor do I care to have any more pelvic exams. The OBs have not been particularly gentle, and I don’t want anything getting messed with in there! The OB said Vera’s head was very low, she has been head down for a while now which I am happy about. If she decides to come early or even around my due date than I have about 20 days or less till I go into labor!

When I asked the office staff if I could opt out of pelvic exams they actually had to go back and ask if it was ok. It turns out it is ok, but they were really hush hush and acting like it was a big secret or something. Is it that big of a deal to refuse a pelvic exam? They can tell how my baby is doing from measurements of my belly and by the baby’s heartbeat, so I don’t see a problem with it now. I also hope they weren’t too surprised when I asked for a female doctor for my appointment next week, the reason is because I don’t really like the male OB that my appointment was scheduled with, it is so not so much the fact that he is a man. He was just to distracting, asking a bunch of questions about my tattoo instead of giving me information about the baby. I love the last OB I saw, she took a lot of time with me this last visit and she listened to the heartbeat for a good while, so that totally made up for the last appointment. And she was really excited for me! So that was a nice feeling and affirmation that Vera is getting closer to entering the world!

I have still been nesting like crazy, cleaning, organizing and preparing as much as I can. It’s so fun and feels great when I accomplish a “nesting goal” now, and I am so thankful that I am not dead tired like I was in the beginning and middle of pregnancy. Not that I don’t have some dead tired days right now, but it is much better than it was, I am able to function! Time for more nesting today and some more precious quality time with Elena!


One thought on “Belly shots at 37 weeks!

  1. Love the name Vera! That is so weird about the pelvic exams. I didn’t want one either but the midwife snuck one in and I was pissed. I felt so violated. Many women don’t even know they have a choice. Thanks for sharing!

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