My Pregnancy Photos at 27 weeks

Here are some very candid pictures of me and my daughter (and husband!) at home, taken obviously with my phone. this was after our hospital tour at Sutter Memorial. These days it is not often that I put on normal looking clothes or any makeup at all, so I figured I better take advantage of these moments. Elena thankfully had her clothes on too, normally she strips the second we walk into the apartment! Ha ha! I am bigger than I was in my first pregnancy, which I hear is normal. But I am pretty sure, actually I know for a fact, that I am a little chubbier than last time too, especially because I am not working full time or running around San Francisco using public transit! Now I just chase Elena and do house chores and take her out for walks or to the park. And I really need to start doing my prenatal yoga DVDs! I have been putting it off because I was so tired and sick in the beginning, but I don’t have an excuse now! I like the pictures anyway, chubby or not!pregs1 pregs2 pregs3


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