This New Year

Holloween with my daughter Elena 2012

Holloween with my daughter Elena 2012

This New year I want to really clean up my apartment, and keep it up! I have been doing an alright job for being pregnant with a two year old, but I would like to do better.

I want to do better to people around me. I want to meditate more and have less negative thoughts and reactions.

I want to be a better mother and spend even more time on my children.

I want to be more caring in every way while at the same time doing what is best for me and my family no matter what other people may think.

I want to try some prenatal yoga.

I want to have an unmedicated vaginal birth for my second daughter this April. I want to practice relaxation and visualization techniques with my husband to achieve that birth.

I want to write and paint and achieve things with my art that will help my family.

I want to continue my studies as a doula to help expecting moms and families.

I want success in all of these things to make a healthier and happier life for everyone.

I want to find some sort of balance for all of these things, and I know I won’t do it perfectly, but I can always strive to do a little better.

Cheriena, Caring Doula


3 thoughts on “This New Year

  1. I hear ‘ya! This year I wasn’t looking to make external improvements so much as looking inward, quieting the voices (uncertainty, fear, doubt, judgment of myself and others) and so far, it’s been a lot of work, but worth it!

  2. Your resolutions for this year sound a lot like mine 🙂 I’m also due in April – my third – and hoping for an uncomplicated, drug-free natural delivery.

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