How To Avoid An Unnecessary Cesarean Section

Dr. Howard Vogel, Left, Is Assisted by His Dau...

Dr. Howard Vogel, Left, Is Assisted by His Daughter, Dr. Ann Vogel, as They Perform the Last Caesarean Section of a New-Born Child in Union Hospital in New Ulm, Minnesota… (Photo credit: The U.S. National Archives)


How To Avoid An Unnecessary Cesarean Section


by Birth Without Fear on September 7, 2011


cesarean birthOur BWF Community is a diverse group of women with different birthing experiences. Midwives, doulas, mothers who have birthed only at home, others who have had cesareans, VBAC’s, natural or medicated hospital births. Women have valuable information and support to offer one another.


I recently asked the BWF Mamas how to avoid a c-section and here are the top answers. Research them more and decide what will help you get the birth that is best for you and your baby!


Stay home (number one answer)


Avoid an induction


No AROM…artificial rupture of membranes


Hire a doula


Research and know your rights


Do not consent unnecessarily to interventions such as pitocin, constant monitoring, and epidural.


Take childbirth education classes…Bradley, Hypnobirthing, Birthing From Within, etc


Know what you want and do not waiver or compromise (of course unless baby or mom needs help)


Be patient


Trust yourself, your body, your baby and birth


Ask your doctor what their cesarean section rate is. According to WHO it should be lower than 15%


Ask your midwife what her transfer rate is and why they were necessary.


Find an OB or midwife who supports your choices (can switch at anytime)


See a chiropractor who can do Webster Technique to help optimize position of baby. Can find one here.


“Caesarean section without medical indication increases risk of short-term adverse outcomes for mothers. Caesarean section is one of the most commonly performed surgical operations in the world today. However, in a growing number of cases worldwide, caesarean section is being performed without any medical need. The rising number of such deliveries suggests that both health-care workers and their clients perceive the operation to be free from serious risks.” ~World Health Organization


via How To Avoid An Unnecessary Cesarean Section.



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