Scrubs Magazine Attempts to Apologizes for Making Fun of Women and Birth Plans

Italian nurses June 2007. Nurses June 2007. پښ...

Italian nurses June 2007. Nurses June 2007. پښتو: اېټالوۍ رنځورپالانې، جون 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can’t believe this just occured after my OB visit with Dr. B! Apparently Scrubs Magazine had a bunch of nurses ridiculing women and birth plans? They ended up issuing an apology.

From Scrubs Magazine:

Nurses, thank you for sharing your thoughts and concerns about our recent prompt regarding birth plans. We are deeply sorry for appearing to make light of such a sensitive topic, which has upset nurses, our readers, and most importantly, mo

thers who found the topic of “outrageous birth plans” offensive and belittling. We appreciate and value your feedback and have pulled the post. Thanks to the nurses in, we now recognize the need to address this topic more seriously. Therefore, we are putting together an in-depth article about birth plans and would like to invite you to contribute with your comments. We’re also opening the floor to any nurse who would like to write an article about this topic. We are so grateful for the passion and professionalism of our community. Your input helps make us a better site every day. If you would like to contribute ideas for this new article or write your own, please visit for more details.



Are you an expert and/or activist on birth plans, or know a nurse who is? Are you a champion of evidence-based maternity care? We’d like to hear your expertise, stories and experiences about the importance of birth plans and respecting parents’ wishes, and how nurses can help be a part of the education process.

If you’d like to be interviewed for an upcoming in-depth article on birth plans, please contact Scrubs at Please feel free to also share your comments, stories and experiences below, or click in to our submissions page.

via Scrubs Magazine.

Some Comments on this apology post from FaceBook Members:

    •  Disrespecting a mother’s birth wishes is NOT something we need to “lighten up” over. This magazine asked nurses to ridicule birth plans, and oh boy did they EVER. I am completely horrified and disgusted by what I saw on that thread. “Lighten up” is a totally inappropriate response to that.
    •  I’ve read a few birth plans. Sometimes, it’s just a wish list and the mum doesn’t feel strongly either way. Something I noticed, the more meticulous the plan, the more “outrageous” it looks, the more frightened the woman is of The System and her health care providers. Her care plan for labour is her saying, “I’m terrified. I’m worried about the care im going to get. I’m scared that you’re going to ignore my wishes. I’m scared that your policies are more important to you than my dignity. I’m scared that your time constraints or guidelines will make you totally ignore things I consider sacrosanct. I’m horribly frightened of being coerced into something I’m not comfortable with. I’m only going to get to give birth to this baby once. I’m hopelessly nervous that the moments that are important to me will be taken away and I know only too well that I can’t go back and put them right and how long I’ll be dealing with the regret.”

      I’m saying this as a mother who has had the hospital experience and who wrote the birth plan as long as your arm a month later, perfectly petrified of repeating the experience one day. Happy to report I came to my senses, realised it would probably be laughed at or pinned to a dartboard or something, and booked a home birth second time round. (Which was fantastic, by the way. No nurses laughing at me behind my back was just ONE of the many benefits.)

      Seriously. People are SCARED of you. You see this as something funny? This is the kind of thing that makes people convinced that the hospital staff are compassionless and burnt out and not to be touched with a ten foot pole.

      I’ve done the whole labour and birth thing. Something I found out in the process, this “pain of childbirth” people go in about. It’s a flippin’ cake walk next to the fear of not being listened to and being de-humanised. That is what scares the bejesus out of me when I think about the possibility of another baby in the future.
      • I agree. I started out in my first pregnancy planning out a long and detailed birth plan because I was concerned about whether my wishes would be respected. I had midwives, and by the time I got near labour I realized I trusted them and knew they knew my desires, and that except in cases of emergency my wishes would be respected. They asked if I had one, but I never did give them one (except through verbal discussions). I had my daughter at home, after a long labour that “stalled” more than once, and she was born posterior and chin up. Never any distress though. I’m grateful I never went into the hospital as a posterior baby is practically an automatic csection here, birth plan or not. Had I not trusted my providers so much, you bet I would still have had a birth plan, but they aren’t nearly as necessary when a woman trusts her care providers to respect her wishes. It’s ignorant to assume that women with birth plans expect them to be upheld at all costs, regardless of how the baby is doing. What most do want, is to be informed about any and all interventions that may be deemed necessary.

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