How can I wean my toddler from breastfeeding? | BabyCenter


English: Breastfeeding an infant Português: Um...

English: Breastfeeding an infant Português: Um recém-nascido em aleitamento (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



This sounds like my daughter, I am struggling to wean her right now. I am going to try vinegar on the breasts today!


My daughter is 21 months old and I have just successfully weaned her off the breast! I tried weaning her little by little, but she was not taking it. She would get extremely upset.I felt really bad, so I stopped. Then about 3 weeks after I read something about putting garlic in oil and let it sit for a while, after that rub the oil on the nipples.I did that and for my surprise my daughter DID NOT wanted to breastfeed anymore.It took about 5 days of she asking for it and I’m telling her that mommy’s breast was dirty…she took it…for the record, my daughter had NEVER slept through the night, we co-sleep and she used to make my nipples as her pacifier.In the first 4 days, bed time was terrible, I mean, she wouldn’t nap at all, and at night she cried so much,then she would fall asleep and wake up after 1 hour….after 5 days she has been sleeping through the night and has NOT ASKED for it anymore! She’s been eating better than ever as well! Iam very happy and sure I did the right thing!


posted 03/30/2009 by a BabyCenter Member


via How can I wean my toddler from breastfeeding? | BabyCenter.


This may sound cruel, but I was desperate. I was exhausted because my 20 month old stil woke up 2-3 x a night and I was pregnant. I needed rest and my toddler was a little over weight anyway due to she ate everything and nursed a lot. Anyway, I put a little vinegar on my nipples and she said “yucky”. She said it was bad and didn’t want it anymore. She asked for it a couple other times, but I reminded her it was yucky and she agreed. I did have to let her try once more, but now she is fine and sleeping alot better! Thank God! Hope you find what works for you.


posted 07/27/2009 by CHRISTY0830



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