Body Image | Samantha Thrall

Body Image

Posted on September 14, 2012 by samthrall

On September 10th I created an image as a response to another I had seen about stretch marks. I had my little sister photograph my idea and added the message and sent it out into the interwebs without a watermark or name or any identifying marks. I sent it to the moderator of “the Guggie Daily” who uploaded it from her account with just my first name. Four days and thousands of shares and comments later, it found its way back to me somehow and I was contacted to speak out about my photo. The Internet is a crazy place.


“For every woman unhappy with her postpartum marks, is another who wishes she had them.”

It was a scary thing putting such a revealing photo out there which is why I had chosen to leave it anonymous, but it has received such amazing positive comments and has touched the hearts of so many people! I am so shocked and in awe by it all.

Much love to all of you beautiful Mommas out there ❤

via Body Image | Samantha Thrall.


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