Great Grandma Vera Shurden

My GG, my great grandma Vera, passed away last Sunday afternoon. There are no words to express how great of a woman she was. She went through so much in her life, many unfortunate tragedies, but she was never bitter and was no complainer. She was kind and soft, sweet and caring, yet she was sassy and would put you in your place if you needed it. She was so smart, and loved and cared for everyone around her. She was also a fashion icon for us all, always having her nails done, her hair decked out with butterflies and flowers, earrings dangling, of course necklaces and other jewelry, shiny shoes, and color and sparkles from her shirts to her socks

Thankfully, she did not suffer much or for a long time, she went to the ER on Saturday with difficulty breathing, infections, an a few other problems. Most of her family, her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren were all with her when she passed, including myself. She was scared, but she relaxed and let go as her family surrounded her.

My mom, who was with her all night, said at one point she turned completely white and was gasping for air. As the doctor’s brought her back and she came to, she was asking where her husband went, so we know that he was the one who came to take her to a better place. She held on so she could see more of her family. My Aunt Lynda said that papa James, GG’s husband, was pulling her one way, and we were pulling her to stay.

She would have been 93 this coming November. She will be greatly missed, always loved, and never forgotten as she lives in our hearts and will always be with us. She is the ultimate role model, and from her we can all take example of how to live better lives filled with more compassion, kindness, acceptance of change, simplicity, and love of family and friends. Most of all, I have learned to treasure and enjoy the people in my life and every moment we have together, that is how my GG lived.


One thought on “Great Grandma Vera Shurden

  1. I,am so sad to hear grandma Vera passed away. Please give all you’re family my love. I am sending all of you big hugs and kisses. Rip Vera

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