Die, Dye! The effect of food dyes on children’s behavior and thinking.

Food coloring spreading on a thin water film i...

Food coloring spreading on a thin water film in the International Space Station. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My, What Colorful Food You Have!

Pretty food; ugly effects. What you should know about food dyes.

Have you ever heard the phrase “sugar rush”?

This phrase typically applies to the frenetic behavior of an out of control child who is bouncing off the walls after consuming a large quantity of sweets.

While sugar certainly can have the effect of ‘juicing’ a kid’s system, the food dyes in that pile of sweets are more likely the primary culprit.

Countless kids are taking ADD or ADHD medications when they might just be on food dye over load!

via Die, Dye! The effect of food dyes on children’s behavior and thinking..


2 thoughts on “Die, Dye! The effect of food dyes on children’s behavior and thinking.

  1. You are so, so right! Back in the 70’s when Dr. Feingold published his best seller, Why Your Child is Hyperactive, parents beginning avoiding food dyes and some other additives and learned there was a better way for their children. They then formed the Feingold Association to share information and to support each other. I was an early member and am so glad I did. That support group continues Dr. Feingold’s work. Check out its websie http://www.feingold.org There is also a great Yahoo group, no substitute for the Feingold Association, but is a way to read what other parents are saying. Its website is http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Feingold-Program4us/

  2. The sugar-free pudding with Red 40 that my daughter was eating at a friend’s house during our visit, set her off into a crazy whirlwind. Yet homemade and organic candies did not. That’s how we realized she was sensitive to dyes. Red dyes make her aggressive, mean, and violent. Yellow dyes make her paranoid, incapable of coping with tiny changes and transitions, cause her to have hours-long tantrums, and make her cry uncontrollably. Fake “vanillin” flavoring and some preservatives do the same thing. This stuff is made from petroleum, which kids are less equipped to deal with than we adults are, and kid products are the ones with the most dyes in them. I write about our struggles at http://www.DieFoodDye.com and collect stories from parents and dye-senstivie children, to help spread awareness.

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