Teri Nava

For the new doulas, and the seasoned doulas alike, here’s a reminder to trust birth from a recent birth experience that I was blessed to be apart of: Without a lot of personal particulars, let’s suffice to give the info that mom’s water broke Tuesday evening. She began having very light contractions every 12-15 minutes later that night, and remained this way for two days. Midday Thursday, she had a few hours of contractions 5-6 minutes apart. I arrived that evening to find that they’d spaced out again. We did all my usual tricks to get things moving, which worked, until she went to bed. They spaced out again and remained that way until noon on Friday, at which point she consigned herself to be at the hospital and be augmented. The hospital refused to check her, but gave her a dose of cytotec to try to move things along. The monitor had a very hard time picking up her contractions at all, so I wrote them on the white board. For the first 4 hours, contractions picked up a little, only 8 minutes apart. Then the drug wore off and Cx slowed. She refused the second dose. I suggested that she hop in the shower. I kind of ignored that I’d noticed that “birth is imminent” pheromone smell. She hopped in the shower, where things immediately picked up. Contractions 2 minutes apart for the whole half hour she was in there. At the end, I heard a change in her voice. The clear sound of change and my intuition said it was transition. But she got out of the shower and the Cx immediately spaced out again to 10-15 minutes apart. The staff came in to strongly recommend another dose of cytoctec or pitocin, as they were certain she wasn’t in labor yet. Her mood was still her usual self. She could still walk and talk through the contractions. She felt some pressure, but nothing that was any different than anytime during the day. We talked about asking to get checked before deciding which one was the right method and they asked the midwife to do that. Upon checking, we found out that mom was complete, with just an anterior lip, and in the midst of a nice, resting phase plateau. I put her on her hands and knees to get rid of the lip, and baby was born 13 minutes later, in the middle of the night on Friday 🙂 Thanks to everyone on Doulaspace who gave us positive energy while this mom worked through her amazingly non-textbook birthing journey.

via Doulaspace.


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