My Great Grandmother’s Births in 1939 and 40’s

I had the privilege of talking to my great-grandmother Vera, who fortunately lives close by, about the births of her five children. This is the most amazing woman I know, and will probably ever have the chance to know. She delivered her first baby boy in 1939 In Louisiana at a family members house because they could not get the doctor who was in town to do home visits. She had my grandma Betty next in a hospital, and had one more home birth and two more hospital births, all with no meds and with very little assistance from what I understood. For one birth she said she was lying naked as a jay bird, freezing cold and had to interrupt the chatty nurse and doctor for a blanket. For her last birth, my aunt Linda, she said it was protocol at the hospital that she stay in bed on her back for seven days after delivery! I really have to film her speaking about this so I can get all the other details and info right, it is so interesting. My Grandma Betty told me that her first labor of my mom was induced with a little white pill under the tongue, I’m guessing it was a form of oxytocin? She said the doctor would feel the baby and the pelvis of the mother and could tell how big the baby was and gave c sections for women he said were incapable of delivering vaginally….


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