Debbie Levin made a huge point in Doula Training

English: A Catholic wedding ceremony in Milwau...

  The most precious gift in the universe, the gift of life, the gift of a baby, is a moment that should be prepared for as diligently, if not more so, than events in our lives like weddings or anniversaries. In my Doula Training Class, Debbie Levin brought up this fascinating issue: We have no problem  telling people what we want when it comes to planning our own wedding, yet most of the time we let others tell us what kind of birth we should have. Shouldn’t this most important moment in ours and our child’s life be ultimately in our hands? Giving the power back to women and their partners is one of the biggest reasons I became a doula. It is true that not everything goes as planned, but it does not stop us from planning the wedding of our dreams! It shouldn’t stop us from planning the birth of our dreams either. Like any plan, it does not always go exactly the way we want, so it is important to plan alternatives and explore numerous possibilities to what we ultimately want. Birth is no different! Explore and be open to your choices and options and take back your power! Work with the people around you by telling them what you want and making it happen to the best of all your abilities combined. This is your child’s birth, not your friend’s, not your doctor’s! make a birth plan, and celebrate this joyful time!


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