Birthing mamas deserve to be more than an afterthought

I spent most of yesterday periodically reading the comments on the New York Times article on Ina May Gaskin and Homebirth in North America, and they made my stomach turn. From people criticizing those who choose homebirth to the point of saying they deserve to have complications, to others telling an Unassisted Birthing mama that she was “incredibly lucky” to have not “killed herself and her baby”. There was comment after comment of people chastising those who question the necessity of a hospital in all births, and I was sickened by the amount of people who kept repeating “the experience means nothing — all that matters is a healthy baby”.

Not to say that we all shouldn’t strive for the best possible outcomes for baby. I hope that  every person who is going through birth is doing so because they want a healthy, happy baby at the end of…

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